Extreme 1996 established, currently runs twelve (12) state-of-the-art towing vehicles in the Bay Area. Our professionally trained staff are in full uniform, licensed and fully insured. Our 100% Customer Service Guarantee is that all ETA’s will be met. In the event of an emergency we always advise our customers in a timely manner.

Founder of Extreme Towing,

President and CEO, takes the highest pride in providing the best customer service, State of the art tow trucks and continued professionalism.  With the devotion of this one of a kind company, it’s allowed Extreme Towing to build successful relationships with its clients. Extreme Towing operates with a fleet of 12  Custom tow trucks.  Extreme tows anything from a light duty to a heavy duty. Its dedicated delivery of customer satisfaction has also allowed its percipitous growth and establish Extreme Towing as a leading company. The owner, managers and staff have successfully built Extreme Towing to be the #1 tow company in the Bay Area.  We are the one stop shop. There isn’t  ANYTHING  we can’t tow! 

This is the Extreme Towing!